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There's a raffle you say?  What do I need to bring? What to Bring & What to Wear

What to Bring?
  • Bring yer ID - All adult guests must bring a valid government-issued photo ID. Guests 21 & over who elect to consume alcohol at the event will be given a wrist band upon age verification to permit the consumption of alcohol. Guests who will not be consuming alcohol will be given a different colored wrist band and granted entrance to the event. Minor children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.
  • Bring Feast-Gear. That means: plates, cutlery and drinking vessels... we'll provide the food and beverages, but YOU need to have something to hold it.
  • Bring bags (plastic, canvas, or otherwise) to hold yer dirty Feast-Gear on the way home. (Keeps the rats outta it, ya know?)
  • Bring candles¹ to see yer food by, and bring table decorations -- even old pieces of sailcloth to lay in front a'ya. Part of the fun is decking out yer table.
  • Bring baubles, booty, or even chocolate coins to tip the bar-keeps.

  • And of course...
  • Bring CASH. You'll be kicking yerse'f if you don't bring lots of small (or large!) bills with which to buy raffle tickets. As usual, the raffle will have some GREAT pieces donated this year.

¹Please note that Earleigh Heights VFC does allow candles so long as they are contained. No open flames are permitted. Tea lights, floating candles, covered candlesticks and/or candelabras are all acceptable, just so long as the flame is covered and so long as the wax is cleaned up afterwards.

What to Wear?

Many people dress for the the theme of the evening...Pirate wear...but FEAR NOT! If you don't have pirate style garb, wench-ly and rogue-ish garb, as well as kilts and just about anything else you have is acceptable. We'll be glad to see ya! (We do discourage birthday suits as it's rather chilly this time of year.)

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