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What's This About a Bag Raffle?

A large portion of the evening's fundraising occurs in the Raffle Alley, where we are happy to host our Bag Raffle.

How the Bag Raffle works

  1. Purchase as many tickets as you like for $1.00 each.¹
  2. Please P-R-I-N-T your (legal) name clearly on both halves of the ticket. If you choose not to do this, then you risk losing your prize if you lose your ticket stub. Do not use pre-printed labels.
  3. Separate the two halves of the tickets and keep the halves that say "KEEP THIS COUPON" in the safest place you can find. Don't lose them!
  4. Now that the "KEEP THIS COUPON" halves are safe, go over to the Raffle Alley to see the vast array of prizes available.
  5. When a bauble or trinket (or sharp pointy implement!) catches your eye, just drop a ticket (or more than one) into the bag that corresponds to the item you would like to win. Remember that the more tickets you drop in, the better your odds of winning!
  6. No excessive loitering in the Alley. If you get caught causing a traffic problem, you run the risk of being arrested!
  7. At specified times throughout the evening, the Raffle Crew will go around to each item in a (clearly marked) section. Then they will draw a single ticket from each of the bags, recording which ticket has been drawn from which bag. The Crew will then post the winning names and numbers so that all can see what they've won.
  8. The owner of the ticket (who can prove it's their ticket by producing the other half) drawn for a particular item wins that item so long as it is claimed before the time listed in the program.

Common Mistakes

  • Writing partial (or illegible) names on your tickets. Yes, you can still claim your prize if you have the other half of your ticket (did we mention yet that you need to keep the half that says "KEEP THIS COUPON"?!?!), but without your name on the ticket in the bag, it will be much harder for us to tell you that you've won.
  • Dropping the wrong half of your ticket in the bag. See #1 above.
  • Depositing tickets into the wrong bag -- Please be careful since what goes in the bag... stays in the bag. Do not reach into raffle bags.
  • You lost the other half of your ticket -- notify the Raffle Chair of your situation if you believe you have won. You will have to wait until the end of the evening, but you may still be able to claim your prize.

All winners MUST claim their prize(s) before the time listed in the program. The other half of the winning ticket must be presented in order to claim the item. (You did put it in a safe place, right?) The disposition of any unclaimed items will be at the discretion of the Event Chair.

Since Team Wench is now an incorporated entity, every donation that is accepted by the corporation has to be added to inventory and tagged prior to the night of the event. Unless pre-arranged with the Raffle Chair, items delivered to the Raffle on the night of the Event will be graciously accepted but placed in a future Team Wench Event raffle.

¹ As per IRS tax code, amounts paid for chances in a raffle do not qualify as a deductible charitable contribution. Taxes on prizes are the responsibility of the winner.

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