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Feast History

In 2002¹, we watched The Three Ravens (the first ship of Revel Grove's fleet) set sail, and left $3,500 on the dock for the cause.

In 2003¹, that first crew fought the crew of The Raging Hormones in a Booty Battle. The winner was breast cancer research with a purse of $5,800.

In 2004¹, with the fleet expanding, we all searched for treasure on Boobie Isle. What we found was a chest full o' doubloons worth $7,500 to donate.

In 2005², we returned to our roots and all celebrated Four the Boobies and raised $11,695 four for our troubles.

In 2006², Team Wench and all of the crews of all of the ships raised a Fifth for Boobies -- and simultaneously raised $10,065.

In 2007², we ventured out on the magical Quest for the Chest. Our quest succeeded and we were able to donate $10,325 to fight breast cancer.

In 2008², we sailed to the Rising of Seven Sea Cups, each of which must have been full to the brim since we came away with $12,200.

In 2009², we went off in search for Pieces of Eight. Apparently we found a huge chest full since we cashed them in for $10,000 towards the cause.

In 2010³, we set out to Raise the BAR and did we ever! As we raised our cups in merriment we also raised $15,500 in coin to aid in the fight against breast cancer!

In 2011³, we celebrated Ten Years of the Best Support a Boobie Ever Had. We raised $16,200 to help with the fight against breast cancer.

In 2012³, we our cups overflowed with $14,600 that supported
Saving the Treasured Chest.

This brings our total from the last eleven years to more than $116,600!

¹The first three Feasts (2002-2004) set sail from the port of the Historic Adelphi Mill, but we soon discovered that this port just wasn't big enough!

²For the next five Feasts (2005-2009), we set sail from the port of the Conference Center at Cherry Hill Park, but alas we outgrew that port too!

³The following year (2010) marked a new beginning and a new port of call in the hall of the Earleigh Heights Volunteer Fire Company. We'll be keeping a weather eye open for future events there; methinks there's more plunder to be had in this Port!

Team Wench would like to take this (and every!) opportunity to thank all of the volunteers and entertainers who have given their time and energy, year after year. Likewise, all of the artists and crafters who have donated the prizes for our raffles deserve not only our thanks but extra patronage throughout the year.

And finally, to our guests who have come out in foul weather and in fair, who have come from down the block and from across the country, who have continued to come, and continued to support our Team's walkers and crew in their fundraising efforts to fight breast cancer... thank you.

Thank you all.

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