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We've been scammed again! Diego Natividad de la Estafa (a.k.a. Dinty the Moor) is back to keep the evening running smoothly as our Master of Ceremonies.


Performing for the Privateer Feast since our inception in 2001, Team Wench is proud to welcome back the original singing Pirate band...

Since 1986, The Pyrates Royale has set the standard for singing pirate acts throughout the United States. This award-winning group combines music, comedy and a dash of history in a way that is often imitated but never matched. The group's fifth recording "Black Jack" earned a Best New CD title from the Renaissance Festival Podcast and the Pyrates Royale has been nominated for multiple "Wammie" awards by the Washington Area Music Association. The band has built an incredibly loyal following by connecting with audiences through the magic of music, laughter, and storytelling.


Ship's Company Chanteymen have supported Team Wench's Privateer Feast from the beginning and we're delighted that they're going to join us again this year.


Letter of Marque formed as a happy accident during the summer of 2006. They share a passion for maritime history and the music that comes out of that heritage. One coincidental occasion brought them together as individuals to sing - unrehearsed - for a party. Though not perfect, they had one of those rare moments of synchronicity. Thus, they decided to take that special moment and make it intentional.
Letter of Marque


Scales and Crosstones, is a young pirate band that specializes in sea shanties, Celtic, and folk music. They got their start in 2007 when they sang for the queen at the 2007 Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival and were commanded to come up with a name for themselves. Since then they have performed at venues such as the Virginia Renaissance Festival, and Piratz Tavern in Silver Spring MD. The band believes that music of the past can be enjoyed by the present generation. While keeping with tradition, their harmonies and rhythms shed new light on old songs.


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