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Set a course for WHERE?!?Yet Again The Bar Is Open!

What The Purser Has Procured
Hard working members of Team Wench will help you to slake your thirsts, and they'll be doing it with the finest FREE hard and soft libations available.
Where'd the Purser Get It All? (i.e., A Word From Our Sponsors)
As soon as we've confirmed things with our sponsors, we'll be happy to let you know about them!
The BYOB Policy
As in previous years, our guests who wish to imbibe stronger spirits are free to bring their libation of choice. Guests who BYOB are responsible for the proper removal and/or disposal of their leftovers. Team Wench expects that our guests will comply with all state and local laws concerning the lawful consumption and transportation of alcohol.
What the Drinks Cost
If you managed to miss it before, the bar is OPEN! (For you scallawags whats got no lernin', that means FREE.)
Alcoholic Beverage Policy
Only Guests wearing a 21 & Over wrist band may consume alcohol of any type at the event. This includes BYOB alcohol. Anyone not banded as 21 & Over who is suspected of consuming alcoholic beverages will be required to produce a valid photo ID for age verification/wrist banding. Anyone not able or willing to produce proof of legal drinking age (21 years) will not be permitted to consume any type of alcohol.
Guests wearing the 21 & Over wrist band may order only two (2) alcoholic beverages per visit to the bar.
Team Wench reserves the right to refuse to serve alcoholic beverages to anyone who appears to be intoxicated.
Failure to follow this policy may result in your being ejected from the event without refund.
Do the Right Thing
Team Wench hopes to see you again at future events, so please drink responsibly -- and designate a sober driver.

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