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How Did This Happen?

At the conclusion of last year's gathering, the Goblin Court returned home, Professor Fulbright's machine was lovingly dismantled, and peace was resumed. All seemed to be as it should. Unfortunately, peculiar tales are becoming more frequent. Rumors of odd, clockwork-like creatures and a new, sexy (and strangely blue) type of time machine have emerged. Professor Harmonious suspects the Goblin Queen is up to something, but is overruled by contemporaries that science couldn't possibly make sense to those who rule with magic, could it?

As our steamy trilogy billows towards its inevitable conclusion, our scientists once again call upon their fellow men of science and adventure. They need help to decipher this disturbing news. Is the Goblin Queen back, and seeking to once more set loose her lively Faerie Kingdoms on the Earth-bound world? Are other factors at play? Will we ever have a Ball that doesn't have problems? Why have Lightsabers suddenly come back in style?

Colleagues from all over the world have come to brainstorm a solution. Others are here, too: sight-seers who wish to explore the Goblin Court, Faerie creatures who wish to ensure that a link between worlds remains open, and even government agents and scientists who wish to regulate, control, and study other-worldly beings...

Will a peaceful ending ever be found? Join us and find out!


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