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A Brief History of the
Multiple Sclerosis Fantasy Ball

In 2004, We joined her Majesty Titania's court, and the gracious guests saw fit to bequeath us $4,600 against multiple sclerosis in that Midsummer Night's Dream.

After that heady adventure, a lovely girl named Alice led us from 2005 Through the Looking Glass, and it was more than just our imagination that we raised another $4,600.

An amazing day in 2006 turned to An Arabian Night, where we were told fabulous stories of untold riches, and lo! A fabulous story of our own: $4,100 for our fight.

The Sultans of Swing swept us back from 2007, where we danced our shoes clear through, but the $2,500 well made up for our worn out soles!

Our total from the first four years comes to more than $15,000!

This year, the Goblin Queen is trying to crash our Steampunk ball! We need to go and have a good time to show them that they can't ruin our fun - we'll show them what happens when you mix Goblins and Gears!

Team Wench, Inc. would like to take this (and every!) opportunity to thank all of the volunteers and entertainers who have given their time and energy, year after year. Likewise, all of the artists and crafters who have donated the prizes for our raffles deserve not only our thanks, but extra patronage throughout the year.

And finally, to our guests who have come out in foul weather and in fair, who have come from down the block and from across the country, who have continued to come, and continued to support our Team's walkers and crew in their fundraising efforts to fight multiple sclerosis... thank you.

Thank you all.


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