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Platform One, Insane Ian, Eli August & the Abandoned Buildings, The Aubergine Dancers, Capital City Jedi Knights, Brad Howard
Anne Frates as the Goblin Queen, Yashimaru Bishounen as the Goblin King,
Doc Coleman as Master of Ceremonies and Professor Harmonious Crackle,
David M. Riches, CTS, Sound and DJ

Other Entertainment

Table Decorating Contest

This year we will be honoring creative souls with a table decorating contest. Bring decorations and spruce up your area with the help of your tablemates. The winning table will receive a special dessert.

Costume and Mask Contests

Contestants may buy in to one or more contest categories. Prizes will be 50% of the cash collected for each contest and a gift voucher provided by Costume Discounters.


Have you ever wanted to wear your steampunk, fantasy armor, faerie wings, or Lord of the Rings garb to faire? Do you have no place to wear your new goth garb, Star Wars outfit or Harry Potter wizard's gear? Are you a historical costumer of the Victorian, Edwardian, or another era? Have you ever wanted to be on the set of Labyrinth, A Knight's Tale, or Moulin Rouge? Do you wish you had more places to wear that new tuxedo or evening gown? Any of these costumes are appropriate for the Ball.


The Multiple Sclerosis Fantasy Ball is an old-fashioned Victorian Masquerade, so there will be mask contests as well. Don't own a mask? No problem - we will have a few masks on hand to help.

Containment Unit

Between followers of the new mechanics and true believers in the older magic, rumors of human experimentation gone wrong, contagious blights, and additional opened portals are spreading like wildfire, but the truth is known only by the mystical Faerie... or is it? After all, technology is magic to those who do not understand the science! Do you suspect your tablemate of being a goblin-sympathizer? Is that pesky airship pilot not sharing the absinthe? Fill out an arrest warrant (for a small fee) and we'll do the rest. The oubliette/goblin containment unit will be staffed by beings who are just trying to keep the peace! Arrestees will be given a chance to protest their innocence (or bribe the jailer).


Professional on-site photos will be available for purchase from Gadzinski Photos.

... And Much More

Also available will be tarot reading by Doug Warden, seated massage by Amy Thacker, mystery satchels, a bag raffle, and more!


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