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Who is Team Wench, Inc.?

Team Wench was started in 2000 when groups of Maryland Renaissance Festival enthusiasts (many of whom were International Wenches Guild members) decided to form teams to walk for breast cancer and multiple sclerosis. The 2001 MS Walk in Annapolis, MD was the first event completed by the Team and the 2001 Capital Area Avon 3-Day Walk for Breast Cancer was the second event. Despite the "Wench" in our name, Team Wench has included both women and men as members and walkers from the beginning, and is a very inclusive group.

Among our varied charitable efforts, the Team has held clothing drives for shelters, sewing bees to make cancer turbans and pillows, food drives, and fundraising sales for a variety of causes. Team members have participated in the Relay for Life and other 1, 2, and 3-day walks for suicide prevention, breast cancer, colon cancer, multiple sclerosis, and the homeless. The Team has held fundraising events including the Privateer Feast (every year since 2002!), the Multiple Sclerosis Fantasy Ball, the Dickens Tea, and our Charity Yard Sale, to benefit a number of different charities.

Team Wench, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit all-volunteer organization, and its members receive no income from their work. Team Wench and its members have donated more than $286,000¹ to charity since the Team's inception.

Please browse our website to get more information about our events and walks! If you're interested in volunteering for an event or wish to join Team Wench, please contact an Event Coordinator (contact information is listed on event pages) or one of our Board members. You can also email our information team with general questions. New members and volunteers are always welcome!

¹Total is current as of February 18, 2013 and includes net donations to other charities, not just monies raised.


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